Monica Suder, CPCC Coach to Professionals in the Arts

1.415. 839. 5360

What is coaching?

Coaching is a support system that has become a valued asset in the lives of many accomplished arts professionals. Creativity is about flow; coaching keeps you moving in the right direction.

As a certified coach to the international creative community, Monica Suder assists photographers, filmmakers and other artists in achieving their goals. She works with her clients to create a clear vision of their work, increase their earning potential, improve creative output and helps them make successful business decisions.

Who benefits from coaching?

Any creative professional with a major goal or project, anyone ready to make significant changes in their career or life.

"I encourage all of the photographers affiliated with Stockland Martel to avail themselves of Monica's much needed services. She has the insight and experience to successfully partner with creative talent."
Bill Stockland
Stockland Martel, New York City

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