Monica Suder, CPCC Coach to Professionals in the Arts

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A colleague says:

"Monica Suder is one of the most insightful, sophisticated and worldly women I know. She has eyes that perceive excellence in a world filled with the mediocre and the mundane. Her warmth and sensitivity allow her to work with people of all types. I've worked with Monica in her previous role as a picture editor and I have known her as a friend for many years. I have rarely met anyone who has such a varied and experienced background. She is one of a kind."

Tony Lane
Painter, Photographer, Designer, former Art Director at Rolling Stone and Sony Music, Oakland, CA

What clients say:

"Monica has helped me reach a new level in my photography. She has challenged me, enlightened me, rejuvenated me and focused my creativity."

      Ted T., Photographer

"Monica truly understands the creative process and the unique challenges photographers face today. She kept me motivated and inspired me to create new directions in my work."

      Peter R., Photographer

"Your coaching has been an immensely positive influence in my life. You provided the structure and guidance that led me from a place of overwhelm to professional clarity and achievement of my highest goals. Thank you, Monica, my business is thriving."

      William W., Photographer

"With Monica's encouragement, I set more ambitious goals, improved my follow-through, and reframed my approach to art and life."

      Docious G., Artist

"Monica helped me focus, keep my business and creative goals balanced and go for the bigger picture. Having her in my corner held me accountable."

      Fred M. Photographer

"Coaching kept me honest and on track and helped me move forward with ease. I was able to see progress toward my goals and gain new insights."

      Susan U., Film Editor and Artist

"Monica showed up as my muse and provided an enthusiastic one-woman support system just when I needed it most, while transitioning from business to creative writing."

      George B., Writer

"Monica helped me find the will and the patience to slow down and remember who I am."

      L.D. S., Writer and Entrepreneur

"Nowadays, most editors don't have time to encourage or motivate us, but when I finish a coaching session with Monica, I always feel inspired... she is one of the wisest people I know."

      Mikkel A., Author, Photographer

"Your work is just what the doctor ordered. We all need an angel of mercy to save us from ourselves."

      John G., photojournalist, video and filmmaker, Paris, France

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